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Spacesuit Collections, our custom-built digital infrastructure, is powered by pioneering propriety software.

At its core, secure cryptographic functions eliminate duplication, detect file corruption and guarantee data integrity and security. This unique technology can intelligently store and retrieve millions of files - quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Our innovations have also dramatically cut energy consumption compared with conventional alternatives, allowing us to fuel Spacesuit Collections dedicated servers with 100% renewable power.


Spacesuit Collections is the result of years of intensive research and development; bug-detection and refinement across hundreds of events and users; and thousands of hours of in-operation monitoring and improvement. Spacesuit Collections is tried, tested, stable and reliable.

Search for, browse and download high-resolution images from your personal dashboard. Unlimited secure user accounts and adjustable levels of access mean you choose who gets which of your images - perfect for customers with multiple partners, sponsors and stakeholders. And our double-lock default privacy setting means your confidential images will always remain for your eyes only.

Whether you've commissioned a single shoot or we've worked with you for years, the secure client areas at Spacesuit Collections are perfect for cataloguing, storing and distributing your images.


Easily select and publish images to your media library from your client dashboard at the click of a button - and remove them just as fast. As many times as you like.

Our white-label media library option marries your brand identity with our industry-leading infrastructure, giving you real real-time control over which images media may access and giving media professionals a premium user experience.

All images are already embedded with our comprehensive metadata, including event name, date, country and location (and, where applicable, other keywords such as team name, driver name, car name, event session and more). All you need to do is pick the perfect picture to tell your story.